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I can do almost any kind of machine work you could ever need done on your barrel.
Descriptions are below along with pictures as they become available.
All prices are labor only. Please provide all necessary parts with your order.
If you do not see what you need listed below, just ask.
Please fill out a Services Order Form and include it with your parts and payment.
Any work on a barrelled action or receiver needs to be done in-person on a scheduled walk-in appointment.

Tear down and re-assemble rifle $60 & up
This service is required for work on any barrel under 20" length or when the barrel will not fit through the lathe headstock or any work on the receiver that can not be completed with the barrel installed. This service also covers barrel swaps on any of the barrel nut style actions.
Tactical Bolt Knob Installation $60
This service is to cut off the existing bolt knob and attach an oversized bolt knob. The most common threads used for bolt knobs are 5/16-24. The bolt handle will be cut off and then a threaded stud will be welded to the end of the bolt handle shank. Then the oversized handle is fitted to the threaded stud. The knob will be installed using red loctite. You must include the knob with your bolt.
Bolt Tuning $60
This service is to re-work the cocking piece and bolt body on a 700 type action to reduce the two bumps you feel when closing the bolt and to correct shroud misalignment which may cause cocking piece to drag in the receiver. The cause of the first bump is the cocking piece leaving the detent on the end of the bolt body. The cause of the second bump is the timing of the cocking piece hand-off from the bolt body to the sear in relation to where the lugs engage the helix in the front of the receiver. This service should not be performed if you are still planning to change triggers as each trigger module will need different setup to optimize the cocking piece travel. Have this done after you settle on the trigger you will be keeping in the rifle. This service is only available to walk-in customers as the receiver needs to be here to do the testing. Picture
Barrel Threading Options
This is the most commonly requested service. The barrel gets mounted in the headstock and the muzzle end is dialed in to within 0.0002" total indicated rounout of the grooves at 2 points about an inch apart. The muzzle then gets turned down to the required size and then common inch spec threads are cut with a single point tool. This ensures that the threads will be perfectly concentric and parallel to the bore. The threaded area will be left unfinished. Picture
Thread muzzle with inch threads$95
Thread muzzle with metric threads$135
Shorten Barrel and Thread Muzzle with inch threads$120
Shorten Barrel and Thread Muzzle with metric threads$160
Add for barrels requiring special fixturing (fluting or odd contours)$30 & up
Add for barrels requiring removal from the receiver due to length$60 & up
Muzzle brake fitting Options
The typical method to index a muzzle device to the barrel involves the use of washers or shims. Neither method leaves a nicely finished look. I can index your muzzle device to your barrel barrel by facing off the rear of the muzzle device, or by facing off the barrel's shoulder. Some muzzle brakes come with an undersized bore which needs to be opened up to safely clear bullets. I open bores up thirty thousandths of an inch over bullet diameter. Muzzle devices are single point bored to size to ensure a straight and round bore. For the cleanest installations, a muzzle device can be tapered to the barrel diameter at the junction of barrel/muzzle device or blended seamlessly to the barrel diameter. Full seamless blending jobs will require a full refinish of the barrel and muzzle device which are not included in this service. You must bring your muzzle device with the barrelled action in order to use these services. Barrel lengths under 20" may need to be removed from the action for indexing of the threads at an additional cost. Picture  
Dial in barrel and Index barrel threads to muzzle device$60
Index barrel threads when combined with threading$30
Index muzzle device without barrel in lathe$30 & up
Bore muzzle device for bullet clearance$30 & up
Taper muzzle device to barrel diameter$30 & up
Seamless blend of muzzle device and barrel$90 & up
Re-Crown Muzzle $60
Many poor shooting barrels can be traced to problems with the crown. The crown needs to be absolutely perpendicular to the bore. When the bullet leaves the bore, gas is released at very high pressure all the way around the bullet's base. If the crown were uneven, gas would release on one side first and this tends to disturb the bullet just as it sent on it's way downrange. Obviously this will show up as poor accuracy. Try this inexpensive service before you abandon a barrel that seems to be poor shooting. I use a specially ground high relief angle tool that only gets used for crowns and it gets re-sharpened often. The tool is pulled straight out from the bore so that no burrs are created at the end of the bore. The bore-crown junction will be flat, with a radius about half way out on the crown face. This creates a slightly recessed crown job. The crown face will be left unfinished. Picture
Shorten Barrel and Crown $85
This service includes shortening the barrel to any length you specify and re-cutting the crown. The muzzle face will be left unfinished.
Barrel Band Journal $50
This service is to turn a journal or band on your barrel down to any diameter you specify. This is typically needed when you want to mount a clamp-on front sight or accessory. It may also be required for some suppressor mounts such as Surefire or OPS Inc. Machined areas will be left unfinished.Picture
Action Truing $240
This service is completely re-machine a 700 style action to it's centerline. The action gets reamed out to 0.705", then dialed in to less than 0.0003" total indicated runout. The bolt lug seats and receiver face are cut perfectly perpendicular to the receiver bore. The threads are single point chased 0.020" oversized to remove all runout. A new barrel, bolt and recoil lug must be fitted after receiver truing. Customer to provide a new oversized bolt and recoil lug which will be bored oversized to fit with oversized threads that will be used during rebarreling. Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3
Recoil Lug Pinning $100
This service is an option after receiver truing. Lug pinning ensures that the recoil lug never moves in relation to the receiver if the barrel is ever removed in the future. Lug pinning saves an epoxy bedding job from having to be re-done after each future rebarreling job. The receiver is setup in the milling machine with the recoil lug aligned and clamped down to the receiver face. Two holes are drilled through the lug and into the receiver. Two dowel pins are installed through the lug and into the receiver. The dowels locate the lug on the receiver before the barrel is tigntened.Picture
Barrel Fitting with Plain Muzzle
This service is to fit a barrel blank to a 700 style receiver. I can do all types of receivers, but some will be more expensive if additional work is required, such as cutting an extractor clearance in a timed barrel. The old barrel is removed and then the new barrel blank is setup in the lathe and dialed in to less than 0.0003" total indicated runout at the chamber end. The barrel is threaded to fit the action. The barrel is timed so that any muzzle runout will end up at 12:00, ensuring that no scope elevation travel is lost in the barrel fitting process. The chamber is roughed out and then bored to within a few thousandths of final diameter to ensure concentricity before reaming the chamber. The chamber is reamed to final dimension with a floating pilot reamer using a pilot that fits the bore as tight as possible. This is most important to ensure the throat is perfectly centered in the bore. This is a true benchrest quality chambering job. It is common for rifles to shoot 1/4 moa with this type of a barrel installation job. This service also includes cutting the barrel to it's finish length. A target crown is cut. A recoil lug needs to be provided by the customer with the receiver.
Barrel Fitting with Plain Muzzle$300
Add for Metric breech threads$60
Add for Cone breech$60
Add for Carbon wrapped or fluted barrels$60
Add for special extractor cuts$60 & up
Pre-fitted Barrel Installation $150 & up
This service applies to pre-threaded and short-chambered or deep-chambered barrels. This service includes the tear-down of the rifle and re-assembly after the barrel fitting is complete. The new barrel is setback as needed and the chamber is reamed to final headspace dimension. A new recoil lug can be installad at the time of barrel fitting or the original recoil lug can be re-used.
Drill/Tap Barrel for Sight $60 & up
This service is to drill and tap the barrel for a front or rear sight that attaches with screws. The most common threads used for sights or sight bases are 6-48. I can accomodate most other commonly found thread sizes as well. The barrel will be setup in the milling machine and the holes will be located on the centerline of the barrel. The sight screws will be installed using blue loctite. This service is for (1) front or rear sight only. If you need both front and rear sights installed, you will need to select this service two times. You must include the sights and screws with your barrel to use this option.
700 8-40 scope base screws upgrade $95
This service is to open up a previously drilled and tapped receiver for scope base that attaches with 8-40 screws. 8-40 screws are siginificantly stronger than typical 6-48 screws. This is also a good fix for 6-48 screws that have stripped out of a receiver. This service does not include opening up the scope base holes to fit 8-40 screws, but that service is available for and extra $40 if necessary. The receiver will be setup in the milling machine and the holes will be located on the centerline of the receiver. The screws will be installed using blue loctite.
DBM Inletting $95 & up
This service is to inlet a typical 700 BDL inlet stock to accept a Badger M5 footprint detatchable bottom metal. I setup the stock in the milling machine and cut out the bottom of the stock so that the DBM will slip into place. Pillar bedding is required before DBM inletting can be done in stocks that do not have existing pillars or an aluminum bedding block. Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4
Recoil Pad Fitting $75 & up
This service is to install an aftermarket recoil pad to a stock. The pad will be screwed to the stock and then blended to match the profile of the stock. You must include the new pad with your stock to use this service.
Blast and Parkerize $120/Hr
This service includes the complete tear-down of the rifle, sandblasting all applicable steel parts, parkerizing and then sealing with a protective oil before re-assembly of the complete rifle. Stainless parts will not parkerize. Picture

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